Our Story

K-Tech was established, literally, by the marriage of an IT professional to a non-profit executive. In 1992, IT consultant and network engineer Khedouri Azair married Cheryl Cutler, a non-profit executive who had helped lead civil rights/human relations agencies in Boston and LA. At the time, non-profits had little or no tech infrastructure. If an organization was lucky, it had what was known as “the accidental techie,” an employee who knew more about computers than everyone else on staff, but was far from an expert. In addition, many organizations were being taken advantage of by unscrupulous IT “consultants” who were overcharging them for, in some cases, technology that didn’t even meet their needs.

With the above in mind, Cheryl urged Khedouri to specialize in providing IT solutions and support to the non-profit sector. Twenty-five plus years later, we’ve become the Managed IT Service Provider for LA non-profits and our clients include major organizations working in such areas as social services, legal advocacy, the environment, health care, and education.

While our company and client base have expanded beyond what we could’ve imagined, two things have remained the same; our tremendous respect for the non-profit sector and our commitment to taking care of all of our clients’ IT needs so they can focus on carrying out their important work. (If you’re wondering, the marriage is still going strong as well!)

“K-Tech’s service is superior; the best IT company that I have ever worked with.”

Daphyne Howell, Director of Administration and Human Resources

1736 Family Crisis Center