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Our Services

The Comprehensive Support Package
The Comprehensive Support Package includes all of the support for your servers, workstations and users. In addition, to regular maintenance and trouble shooting support, additional services include 24/7 monitoring, the online server backups, and email filtering (for spam and viruses). To learn more about the package, click here.

Network Installation and Support
Our team of professionals provides you with support on all aspects of your Microsoft network. For a new installation, we design the network, “spec out” the hardware, order, install and configure it, implement the cabling system, as well as provide ongoing support and maintenance. If your network is already in place, we offer troubleshooting and ongoing maintenance.

Workstation and User Support
We troubleshoot all hardware-related issues on the workstations, repair them ourselves or interface with the vendor on your behalf for warranty services. We also provide user support for all office applications and other popular software.

24/7 Remote Monitoring
We offer 24/7 monitoring of your servers, workstations and firewalls. We have the capability of monitoring various services running on your servers such as email and backup as well as physical components like hard disc space and network cards. In addition, we also provide monitoring of your router/firewall in order to detect any security breaches and/or uncommon activity.

Virus and Spyware Prevention, Detection and "Clean Up"
An increasing number of our support calls involve cleaning up spyware-infested computers. The nature of spyware today has made it very easy for users to unknowingly install them on their computers. At the very least, their computer’s performance will slow down significantly. At worst, the organization’s security can be compromised. Through the installation of a firewall and/or “locking down” users through “Group Policy,” we can prevent staff from downloading and installing spyware.

Thin Client/Server Based Computing
Larger organizations (50+ users) are finding it much easier to control and support their users by switching to “Thin Client” based computing. This involves the installation of one or more “Terminal Servers” which host all the applications and deployment of “Thin Clients” at the desktops. “Thin Clients” are small computers, roughly the size of a small book, with minimal processing capability. They connect the user to the terminal servers that run all the programs. They have no hard drives, CD Rom drives or any other input/output devices which makes them very secure. Applications/upgrades need only be installed on the terminal servers and will be available to all users. By implementing “Thin Client” based computing, you can minimize your support costs and gain greater control of the users activity.

Backup Solutions
Today’s technology offers many ways to backup your data. We work with you to find the best solution for your specific backup needs. These include Tape backups, Hard Disc-based backups, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) as well as Off-Site backups. Once we determine the most appropriate backup, taking into consideration your data and budgetary requirements, we then install and, optionally, monitor that backup.

Spam and Email Filtering
Over 80% of today’s emails are unsolicited (Spam) or contain viruses. By redirecting your emails to our servers, we can significantly reduce the Spam and virtually eliminate viruses from your emails. All genuine emails will then be forwarded to your servers. This will reduce the traffic on your Internet connection and eliminate the burden of dealing with Spam and viruses from your servers and workstations.

Web Filtering
In order to increase users’ productivity as well as reduce the potential for sexual harassment suits, you can prevent users from accessing inappropriate websites. By installing and configuring a Content Filter appliance on your network, we can control the websites users have access to. This can be tailored to specific user groups and times of day. For example, while the CEO can have unrestricted access to the Internet at all times, other employees can be blocked from accessing non-work related sites except during their break time.

"In my experience, the level of expertise and caliber of service provided by K-Tech’s professionals are second to none. I know that when I call with a question, I will get the right answer and, when I need someone on-site, the response time will be excellent. I wouldn’t use anyone else."
David Frankel
David Frankel, An Accountancy Corporation

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